“Borrow” is a song that reminds me of many difficult, and frankly painful, parts of my life. But the song actually lifts me up rather than putting me down. It helps me fight through those parts of my life and thank God for being with me no matter what. This song is incredible, and it quickly became my favorite because of the impactful lyrics. 

Lyrics mean the world to me, which is why I generally don’t listen to songs with lyrics that I can’t connect with on a deep, emotional level. There are many songs such as “Ceasefire” (For King & Country) and “Guilty” (Newsboys) that are able to move me to tears, and “Borrow” does the same. This song tells you to trust that God will help you fight your fears of tomorrow, which is an incredible message, but “Borrow” is much more complex than that. The song actually tells several stories, stories that helped me to overcome my struggles with jealousy, happiness, and letting people in when I was hurting.

I was constantly jealous of people who seemed to have perfect lives, while I was always grasping for control over mine. The key word here is seemed, since no one has a perfect life. There are many people who appear very content, but are actually hiding behind a persona. I completely understand this since I, like many others, have dealt with a lot of pain in my life. I looked at people and marveled at how happy and perfect their lives were, while they were struggling too. 

Unfortunately, jealousy and happiness weren’t the only problems I faced. I also refused to let anyone in and help me when I was in pain. I was fearful that if I opened up to people I would be seen as vulnerable and weak. But I have come to realize that we are not alone in our failures and hardships, and many people are more than willing to help. Opening up to people is still difficult for me because I am a very shy and quiet person, but this song helps me deal with that.

“Borrow” is more than simple music. It is full of stories that can encourage and motivate anyone to fight their struggles. It shows that God is always with you, and that he will stand by you to offer his help no matter what. This song changed my life, and I hope that it can change yours too.


“Borrow (One Day at a Time)” was created by singer/songwriter Josh Wilson, and published by Black River Entertainment in 2018.