Story Behind Your Music | Hills and Valleys by Tauren Wells


If you’ve been listening to Contemporary Christian Music over the last few years, you might remember Royal Tailor and their popular radio songs like “Hold Me Together”, “Make a Move”, and “Remain”. Even though Royal Tailor disbanded in 2015, former frontman Tauren Wells has been super busy creating new music as a solo artist.

You can hear his latest song “Hills and Valleys” on Resound Radio.

In a YouTube video, Tauren Wells explains the story behind “Hills and Valleys”. As he was sitting at the piano one day, a quote came to mind

“When you are on the mountaintops of life learn to bow low and when you’re in the valleys of life, learn to stand tall.”

Job from the Bible understood this better than anyone. He was on about the highest hill of his time. God had blessed him with ten children and thousands of livestock. He had good health, he was rich- everything was great. Then, Satan came to God to ask for permission to test Job. He wondered if Job would continue to worship a God who didn’t give him everything. Job was stripped of everything, yet remained faithful to God. In Job 1:21b (NKJV) he said, “The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.”

Job never ceased to praise God in the good times and even in the darkest valleys, he still gave praise to God. Unfortunately, I don’t always have this mindset. When life is going easy, God tends to be far from my mind. I begin to think I can handle everything and don’t always rely on Him like I should. On the other hand, when hard times come I find it so easy to complain and question God. I either tend to only praise in the good or only realize my need for Him in the hard times.

When we let circumstances dictate our view of God, our relationship with Him is strained. The idea of bowing low in the hills and standing tall in the valleys is basically about having the same dedication to God regardless of our circumstances. God remains constant despite life’s changes and has promised to never leave nor forsake us (Hebrews 13:5).

These lines in the chorus really stuck out to me:

When I’m standing on the mountain I didn’t get there on my own;

When I’m walking through the valley I know I am not alone.

God is God no matter what. In our highs and lows, He remains the same. He gives us the high moments, but never leaves our side in the lows. God is all powerful and in control of everything. He’s the God of the hills and valleys.

Check out “Hills and Valleys” and other great new music on Resound Radio!


By: RaeAnn Jent