God’s Reckless Love Reaches to the Lost Sheep

Cory Asbury has been a part of Bethel Music Collective since May 2015.

He also serves as the worship pastor of Radiant Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Asbury’s third solo album, Reckless Love, just released yesterday!

You can hear his song Reckless Love on Resound Radio. In the meantime, here’s a YouTube link.

Asbury’s inspiration for this song came from Luke 15, in which Jesus told the parable of the lost sheep.

He says, “Jesus demonstrates the recklessness of his love in going after that one lost sheep. He knew he had to leave the 99 to find that one, but it was supremely important to him to find that one and he would do anything that he could to get a hold of that one heart.”

I’m a commuter student and everyday on my way to Cedarville, I pass by a sheep farm. Sheep are my favorite animals in the whole world, so it’s really hard to keep my eyes on the road.

Often, the sheep are all leaning over a hay rail, eating or they’re cuddling together by the barn. These sheep are so cute, but most of all, they look secure and satisfied.

When I first heard the story of The Lost Sheep, I thought that the shepherd was somehow endangering the other 99 when he left them in pursuit of the lost sheep. But that’s not true. There weren’t fences in Bible times, but the 99 sheep were right where they were supposed to be. So when the shepherd went after the runaway sheep, he knew that the others would still be safe.

Jesus is our Good Shepherd. The 99 sheep represent Christians that are in the fold of God. Jesus’ going after the one doesn’t leave the 99 in danger. He knows the 99 are safe and recklessly pursues the one that is lost.

Cory Asbury says that at one time, he was the Lost Sheep.
“And for me, that’s the story of my life. He came after me when I was broken, when I was lost. A young kid with regret as deep as the ocean. He found me; he took me by the hand and put a new song in my mouth. That song is about the wildness of his love; the recklessness of his love.”

God is willing to do whatever it takes to pursue us with his reckless love.

As Asbury sings,
There’s no shadow you won’t light up
Mountain you won’t climb up
Coming after me
There’s no wall you won’t kick down
Lie you won’t tear down
Coming after me

What does God’s reckless love look like in your own life?
Do you have any favorite lines from “Reckless Love?”

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.
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