“Going to God first…”

Carly's Story

I have come to realize that it is easy to give up certain information about yourself that only gives others a small glimpse into who you really are. You put a mask on and make it seem like your life is pretty normal and that you only deal with the minor stresses in life. However, when you start to open up you find out that you and so many others are actually dealing with the same pains and struggles. The beauty through all the pain is the fact that the body of Christ is meant to encourage each other through those struggles.

I got to delve into that process with Carly. To be honest I believed that she had a story that was going to be very vanilla. However, as I started to listen I realized that the Lord has been working through some pretty big trials in her life. 

Quick summary of what Carly and I talked about: her mom has a very strong walk with the Lord and her dad does not. This may shock some people, but so many people here at Cedarville with that. We make our families look so good on the outside, but if you look just a bit closer you will start to notice how shattered and broken we really are. As Christians we want to let people in, but we only want them to see the good. When in reality, when we open up and expose our brokenness and how God is working through it, our stories become so much more impactful.

The thing that really keeps coming to mind is the idea of going to God first. I can wrap up Carly’s whole story with going to the Lord and actually setting your desires at his feet. I mean so many times in the Bible we hear that God wants us to just ask! In all honesty, we often don’t even have time to ask because we are so busying complaining to our friends and trying and do things on our own. By the time we finally get to the Lord we are so discouraged we no longer believe he can actually help and so we don’t even bother asking for his help.

So, let me get a bit honest with you. I am in the same boat as Carly, longing for salvation of people I love. However, instead of staring at a wall trying to figure out what to say or do, why am I not going to the Lord first.

Why am I not asking and expecting that the Lord will be faithful to his Word; seeking and knowing that I will find; knocking and believing that the door will be opened to me (Matthew 7:7).

Ultimately my problem is that I do not trust that the Lord is good and that he will do as he says he will. I am filled with doubt and fear on what is next. I am so caught up in my own anger, exhaustion, and frustration that I am not allowing the Lord to step in and open my eyes to see how he is working. I need to get on my knees and start praying for the people I love and believe that God is going to show me some miraculous things.

I understand, it’s easy to try and unload all of your problems on those around you and not go to God first. But remember, God is the ONLY one who can handle all your problems, and turn your pain into something beautiful.

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