“I turned around and God was right there…”

Your Story Rae

When looking back on your life and the trials that have been stepping stones in your faith it becomes clear that God has been preparing you for this all along. The things that may have been learned because of good times or even bad are all ultimately used by the Lord for His story. It’s funny that at the time of the trial or the “prep” for trial we don’t see how intricately the Lord weaves himself into our lives.

When we finally open our eyes and catch a glimpse of what the Lord is doing we can’t help but be filled with adoration of a God who pursues us relentlessly.

If you heard Rae’s story last night you can see how true this is in her story. However, if you did miss it I can give you a quick rundown. Rae shared three important things: the foundation of her faith, how that foundation helped through a trial in her life, and how God continually pursues. Rae accepted Christ in her life at a young age, but it wasn’t until the age of 13 that she actually understood what a relationship with Christ included.  She realized the first step to really get to know God was to dive into His word

God’s Character. How many of us can truly say we know much of who God is? I mean to be very transparent with you, I did not exactly spend a lot of time in the Word learning who God truly was. There is a reason why in my story I pushed God away, believing that He could not help me. I believed that because I did not truly understand how great He actually is. If you do not take the time to figure out the God who you are supposed to have this deep, intimate relationship with, how are you supposed to allow him to do what he needs to in your life?

At the age of 19 Rae had to watch her parent’s marriage crumble and ultimately end in divorce. She had to watch all of this from afar, and the advice she got from home was just to pray a little bit harder and hopefully things would get better. This helplessness and sadness lead to doubting if God really was who He said He was. However, the words that had been engrained on her  heart from the time spent in the Word resurfaced to remind her that God was there. A verse that she mentioned multiple times was Psalms 34:18 “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” Words that she had forgotten showed themselves again. The Lord was reminding her of His goodness.

As I mentioned before the lack of that foundation in my life caused disasters during trials that came. The Lord gave us in His Word the things to keep us going when everything around us is falling apart. So, those of you who are going through trials take heart, God has you. 

I think that last thought honestly comes from the idea that God pursues. The amount of times I have given up and just said, “To heck with it all” has been a lot. However, God continues to seek me out and remind me that, “He loves ME. He wants ME. He will help ME.” Rae was reminded of this when she went to Peru trying to run away from her problems, but God used the loss of her appendix to remind her that He was there and that He would chase after her because she was HIS. How beautiful is that? The love God has for us honestly makes me speechless and makes me want to sing and dance and do all sorts of things for HOURS. Honestly I cannot express to you how much I love God pursuing us so I am just going to leave it at that.

Actually I lied. I want to end on the thought of God pursuing us. God has given us a great tool to help us in our trials. That tool, the Bible, is sort of his pursuit manual. It explains how He is faithful and why we should feel free to just fall into His arms. God is not leaving you alone during your hard time. —> Even when you feel like you are all alone, and trust me I know that feeling firsthand, God is right behind you asking you to let Him in and be who He says He is.

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