“Only God can satisfy everything, and I mean EVERYTHING…”


Brook’s Story

Only God can satisfy. How many times have I heard these words, but not allowed them to actually enter my heart? How many times have I run the other way searching for something to fill this “God-sized hole” because I could not quite understand that ONLY God can satisfy?

When you finally get it into your heart that ONLY GOD CAN SATISFY everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, your life changes.

I always find myself struggling to share what happens in the studio after an interview. I mean I want to share all that happened and all that impacted me, but that is nearly impossible. While in the studio I always feel as though I am being taught something and just being reminded of what God is trying to do in my life, and honestly, it may be a little bit selfish. This week’s Your Story interview was no different than the others. Brooke shared her testimony and about just how important it is to know that only God can satisfy.

The story of Brooke finding the Lord is a beautiful one, but I don’t exactly want to summarize it all. Instead I just want to mention three things that she said. 1) God whispered in her heart that, “you were wired for these longings, but you are looking for the answer in the wrong place. Only I can satisfy you.” 2.) She asked God to be her boyfriend. 3.) Only God can satisfy.

Honestly I feel that I should leave it there and allow you to go with it however you please, but then again I don’t think that is what I am supposed to do. You see, I am realizing how God continues to weave each of these stories together and how they all seem to be linking together under one common theme: Contentment.

With Kenton and Sarah they dealt with identity in the Lord. Then with Sarah and Carly they both had to learn to lean on God alone with their problems. Then here comes Brooke’s story talking about feeling broken and empty because she was not allowing herself to be fully content in the Lord.

The beauty within Brooke’s story is the way the Lord became King in her life. It started with knowledge followed with her own choice and then ended with a heart change and diving straight into living out the idea that only God can satisfy. Knowing that ONLY God can satisfy is not at all the same as living it out.

I have come to realize that satisfaction in the Lord also is shown in how much we trust him with our future and how little we seek to make the world and those around us our number one… So the question I leave you with is: How satisfied are you in the Lord?

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