Joseph Drury

Day 507: Getting Used to the New School Year

Joseph Drury, who is in his junior year, tells us about his experience leading a STING group. He shares how his classes have had a bumpy start as he tries to get back into the rhythm of a new school year. 

These first few weeks of the semester have been super busy, but also super fun. I actually came to campus a few weeks early to help out as a sting leader (shout out to sting group 43!) and that was an amazing experience. I had so much fun helping people move into their dorms and really enjoyed helping some freshmen get acclimated to campus life, not to mention moving in a week before anyone else makes everything so much easier. 

After my sting responsibilities I had a few days to get my school supplies and settle in before classes started! My first few weeks of classes went really well. At this point my classes are based more on learning some applications of the theory and foundations we have been building for the last two years. It’s honestly been a really refreshing experience and made me super excited for the rest of the semester. For the first 2 weeks I had little to no homework and while this may sound like a blessing, it really just made me feel like I was wasting my time. I had no idea what to do with myself. Luckily my 21st birthday happened during this short period of extra free time, and I went with a handful of friends to Young’s and got ice cream. That Saturday my parents and little brothers came up, took me out to get dinner and gave me some birthday presents. It was nice to get to see them again, even though it was only for a few hours.

Now my classes have gotten into full swing and I’m a bit more busy with homework, which has honestly made me feel more comfortable.

Overall it has been a fantastic first few weeks of the semester and I can’t wait to see what else God has in store for me. I would like Philippians 4:6 to be a defining theme for this school year: “Do not worry about anything, but in everything, through prayer and petition with thanksgiving present your requests to God.”

Day 521: The Cedarville Bubble

Joseph recounts his recent activities both within and outside of the Cedarville Bubble. His spiritual journey continues while he enjoys life through campus events. 

The past two weeks have had some ups and downs but overall it has been a lot of fun. It started out with a super fun writing session with my band. We are currently working on a Christmas EP which is coming along really nicely. Writing the music has been a lot of fun and a good way to continue to bond with my friends.

At the beginning of that week I started attending Sunday night Equip groups at Shawnee Hills Baptist Church. We are working through a book called spiritual leadership and it’s already been really good for my soul. During the meeting, we split up into small groups and discussed the chapter we read for the week. This is my favorite part of Equip because there are people in totally different stages of life in my group which has been a really cool experience. It has helped me to get a better grasp of what life is like outside of college by giving me an opportunity to interact with people outside of the Cedarville bubble. 

School has been a little rough for the past two weeks. It’s been really busy work-wise, with a few projects and then my normal homework load being due, and an electronics exam on this last Tuesday. Let’s just say that exam was rough, and I have definitely been tested on applying Phillipians 4:6 in my life at this point. Other than the exam my studies have been going really well.

On a much more positive note, ALT One was an absolute blast! I went to Cedarville’s Got Talent and got to see some amazing people do some amazing things, and then I went to the foam dance party and that was super fun. I definitely ruined my favorite pair of Vans, which was my fault for wearing them, but it was totally worth it. After all the activities we ended up hanging out with a bunch of friends in the Maddox lounge and played some games.

Overall, the past two weeks have had some trials but have still been really solid. I’m excited to see what God has in store for me these next two weeks!

Day 535: Interview Stress

Interview season starts for many students when they become juniors and Joseph is no exception. Joseph speaks about the stresses that come with interviews for potential jobs. He also mentions some additional academic challenges that have been thrown his way before fall break. 

The last two weeks started with a bang during homecoming weekend. While I didn’t actually participate in many of the activities I was able to get up and watch the parade which was super fun. I knew a decent number of people who were in it and it was fun to just hang out with friends. Later that evening we had a friend plan a movie night where we watched two interesting indie films that were super low budget called Coherence and Primer. I was honestly thoroughly impressed with them.

The Monday after that weekend I had an interview for an internship with Garmin. I was pretty nervous going into it, but I just continued to focus on Philippians 4:6. By the grace of God that interview went really well and I got a call back for a technical interview the next Monday. That interview was a lot more stressful and intense. Since it was a technical interview it was a lot more focused on my knowledge of the topics, and involved a supervised coding exercise. That was my first ever technical interview so I really don’t know how to feel about it. I think I did at least okay but there were definitely ways I could have done better.

Other than that my two weeks were pretty focused on academics. I had a New Testament and Linear Systems exam that I had to study for, on top of some pretty intense homework to get through. Luckily both of my exams went super well! I got high A’s on them. My homework also went really well but they just added some extra stress to preparing for my exams. As I am approaching fall break my academics are still remaining pretty intense. I’m getting two take-home exams this weekend and I have a huge annotated outline due for New Testament the Wednesday after we get back that I am making time to work on already. 

While academically these past two weeks have been tough, God has been faithful through all of it, and I have still been able to have a ton of fun with friends. I’m definitely excited going into these next two weeks, especially with fall break being right around the corner.

Day 549: Discerning God’s Will

Joseph gives us an update on his fall break, his internship endeavors, and his emotional state over the past few weeks. He tries to keep a Philippians 4:6 mindset as he makes life-altering decisions.

It feels like this last month has just been a slow build to finally getting to fall break, and it was definitely worth the wait. The week before fall break was extremely busy. It was full of midterms, homework, and staying up too late before my 8am but it was all made better by getting some solid rest at home. 

The few days before fall break I had two take-home midterms to finish, as well as some basic assignments for my classes and starting my annotated outline for New Testament. Luckily I was able to get it all done, and do pretty well on at least most of it, but by the end I was absolutely exhausted. 

Once I was finished with it all I drove home for break. It was super nice to get to see my family again, and I got to see my older brother for the first time since winter break last year so that was really appreciated. I definitely really needed a few days away from school to catch up on sleep and be able to calm down from all of the stress. 

Over that time, I got an offer for an internship with the Air Force. After giving it some serious consideration I ended up declining it because it genuinely wasn’t something I wanted to do and I have a few other opportunities that seem to be coming along well, but it was definitely a difficult decision to make and I’m really having to trust God through this. He’s just continuing to remind me of Philipians 4:6. 

After break, I came back rejuvenated and ready to start hitting academics again. It’s been a busy few days already with some assignments being due pretty much right after break but it’s been going well! To round out this week I’m going on a pick-a-date with my hall this Saturday, and I’m really excited! Overall, it’s been a really great two weeks and I can’t wait for what else God has in store for me this semester!

Day 563: An Answer to Prayer

Following our last discussion, Joseph shares with us the result of his patience while pursuing an internship. Academics continue to be difficult, but Joseph continues to enjoy life at CU through friendship. 

So much has happened recently that it feels like it has been a lot longer than two weeks. I got an offer for my Garmin internship! I am super excited about this opportunity. It will be an embedded software development internship which is exactly what I was looking for. I’m really excited for a new experience in life. It’ll be fun getting a little taste of what life is like outside of Cedarville, and I’m honestly excited to get to be the light of Christ in a secular place. It’s been really awesome just to see how God has been working through my internship opportunities and how he has been faithful through all of it.

Academics these past two weeks have been a little intense. At the beginning of this week I had two algorithms projects due on the same day. We had about two weeks to work on both of them, and luckily me and my partner got started on them relatively early but it still took a decent bit of time and was a little stressful getting them done. Then I had to give my advocacy speech on Monday, and an exam in Linear systems on Tuesday. My speech went fine. Definitely worse than the last one, but it’s not going to kill my grade. I think the exam went really well. I was able to do a decent amount of studying and felt really good about all of my answers.

I did get some bad news regarding Brockstars stuff recently. We were trying to plan a fun charity Christmas concert. We were going to play the songs off of our upcoming EP and raise money for a local charity, but sadly OPs is too busy to help us with the equipment so we aren’t going to be able to make it happen, which I was pretty bummed about. The goal is to do something similar early next semester and I hope that’s able to work out.

On a lighter note two of my friends had birthdays in the past few weeks so we went out and got ice cream for both of them (two separate occasions) and that was a lot of fun. It’s always nice getting to take a break from studying to go hang out with friends and just get ice cream.

I’m definitely really looking forward to Thanksgiving break coming up, but still enjoying my classes and my time here this semester.