I Could Never Count That High

Song Credits: “Count That High” by Jordan Feliz

Sometimes life gets crazy. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by upcoming exams and assignments. Honestly, when I’m feeling stressed by everything going on, I tend to put my relationship with God on the back-burner.

But the truth is that God never leaves or forsakes us (Hebrews 13:5). He also provides us with the strength we need to make it through the day and gives us so many blessings.

Have you ever had a time where you knew God was there? Maybe it was an impossible situation and he made a way out of it. Maybe you’ve witnessed a health miracle or a grade miracle.

I’m so grateful that God works in many ways, and the other week, I know he protected me.

I work mornings at McDonald’s as a prep person. Part of my job involves getting condiments and other ingredients ready for lunch. I do most of my work at a counter with two shelves above it.

One day, as I was pulling out the counter to sweep under it, the top shelf came crashing down. There were heavy boxes with receipt paper that came tumbling as well. It made the loudest bang and four or five coworkers came running over. Thankfully, that heavy shelf landed on the counter.

I was shocked by the whole experience, but extremely grateful. I know God was there. That shelf could have severely injured anyone underneath it. But thankfully it didn’t.

This experience helped me truly understand the lyrics of Jordan Feliz’s song “Count That High”.

‘Cause I, know You never left my side
I try to count the blessings
I, I could never count that high
And every time that I try to add it up
And I’m not even close
The more that I try, the more that it chokes me up
‘Cause I’m not even close

What blessings has God provided in your life? Please comment below and let me know.