When we lean into God, we are able to do the things that He created us to do.


Dominique’s Story

This week I was able to interview Dominique, the young Morgan Freeman. We had conversations ranging from theology, black culture, and everything in between. I left the interview inspired and once again hit by the truth that God is using all of our stories to bring us closer to Him, which in turn causes us to give Him praise.

Looking back to what we talked about, it is hard to know exactly what I should highlight about this interview. I mean, we talked about the whole identity struggle (it honestly keeps coming up) and we also talked about the difference between heart knowledge and head knowledge. To a Christian, these are both important topics because these are the things that people, including me, need to understand… so let’s get deeper into Dom’s story.

Dom was raised in a Christian home and is also a pastor’s kid. So, from the start he had a strong biblical background. He chose Christ to be the Lord of his life at the age of 5 and from then on his parents made him give a reason to believe why he believed the way he did. He was not able to say that his faith was because of his parents or his church. Instead, he believed because he had to think it through. Being constantly influenced by his parents and others that were spiritually sound, he began to think that the way to get to their level of faith would be through a head knowledge. While it isn’t terrible to learn about the Lord through other theological thinkers, it is important that you are also taking time to learn about the Lord through a heart knowledge.

Dom made the comment, “I was growing closer to knowledge and not to God.” The impact that statement had on me was significant. The thing that makes the Christian faith so special is the idea that we are able to get to know the Lord on a personal level. A relationship with God is what gives our faith such a special spark. God is known as our Abba, which means that He has a personal and loving relationship with us. We can learn all that we want about Him, but being a Christian is more than the trivia and head knowledge we know about God. An illustration that Dom and I used dealt with reading all about C.S. Lewis. You can read all about him through biographies and autobiographies, but that will never be anything like actually sitting with him and actually getting to know him on a personal level.

When you start to get to know God on a personal level you start to find out so much more about yourself because, as humans, we are made in His likeness (Genesis 1:27). Recently, Dom has started to better understand that God is able to take him to the next level, and he is digging deeper into that truth. Right now his mission is to learn to love others in a godlier way and do things that show God instead of himself. His way to do that is through honesty.

We ended the night getting to focus on that during #preach. This is when we talked more about our identities. Only when we have a healthy form of self-love that is rooted in the fact that God has created us in a unique way to further his kingdom, we are able to know that God did not make us lacking in anything. When we lean into God, that is when we are able to do the things that He created us to do. That is when we share the most love, positivity, and truth. That is when God is praised the best and that is how God reaches those that NEED him.