Our Paths will be Straight


Lexi’s Story

Sometimes it is difficult to put thoughts into words because you’re still trying to figure it out in your own life. Sometimes you know exactly how to explain the idea eloquently to others so that they walk away growing in their faith. However, for you to actually understand it in your own heart seems to be the #realstruggle. This week was one of the topics where putting thoughts into words was hard for me.


This week I was able to record with Lexi and talk a lot about how the Lord is working in her life. She said ‘The Sinner’s Prayer’ at a young age, and that jump-started her journey to understand the gift of salvation. She said that the best way to understand our faith is through John 3:16. Many times we find ourselves saying the verse mindlessly and not truly taking the time to understand the depth and the importance of the verse. Think about it: God sent His only Son to die for us so that we can have a relationship with Him. We should all be in wonder and amazement because of the magnitude of the sacrifice God gave. We then talked briefly about her mom and step dad’s relationship, and how it glorified the Lord. We jokingly called that conversation “Relationship Advice from 2 Single Girls”. However, what we talked about next is what I want to focus on.


Proverbs 3:5-6.

As Christians, it is so easy to say that we are trusting God’s timing and plan. However, things pop up and we have to ask how genuine our faith is. Lexi used the analogy of a balloon to share the importance of trusting God in all circumstances. She has had to learn to let go of her balloon and allow God to do with it as He wishes, according to His master plan. For me it is terrifying to watch my balloon (life) float around aimlessly in what seems like no direction. I tend to play this game where I “let it go” to God. However, what I actually tend to do is loosen my grip on the string ever so slightly and then grip it tightly again.


The Lord promises that when we trust Him with what is going on, things will start to work in the way they should. More specifically our paths will be straight. Nothing can change in your life until you take the head knowledge of knowing God can handle it, and turn it into heart knowledge of trusting Him no matter the circumstance. It is something that has to be done daily, and y’all I am working on it as well!