Taking the First Step… Having Faith to Walk on Water

“Walking on Water”, the latest single from NEEDTOBREATHE, is now playing on Resound Radio.

Here’s a link to their lyric video as well.

The South Carolina natives are known for songs like “Something Beautiful” and “Brother”.

Frontman Bear Rinehart explains that “Walking on the Water” was written with their good friend and fellow musician, Matt Maher.

The inspiration for this song came from Matthew 14. The disciples were out at sea, far from land, in the middle of heavy waves and wind. Suddenly, they see a figure walking toward them on the water.

They think it’s a ghost. The figure starts telling them not to be afraid because he’s Jesus. Then Peter, known for his outspokenness, says, “Lord, if it’s really you, tell me to come to you, walking on the water,” (14:28).

I can just imagine Peter’s surprise when Jesus tells him to come. Despite being outspoken, I think Peter was just as scared as the other disciples. He probably wasn’t expecting an answer to his bold dare. But nevertheless, he stepped out of the boat and started walking on the water towards Jesus.

Matt Maher says,
“I think in the life of faith, there’s a propensity to sometimes look at things from a glass half empty standpoint. I mean, when you look at the story of Peter walking on water with Jesus, most of us tend to focus on the fact that he sank. Very seldom do we stop and think that a human being actually kept his eyes on God and walked on water.”

I know for sure that I have been guilty of that. If you think about it, how many of us would have the courage to leave the boat? The other disciples didn’t.

Bear Rinehart adds,
“There always seems to be a lot made of his doubt once he realized what was happening, but we feel like the faith and trust it took for him to try it in the first place is worth talking about too.”

When Peter kept his focus on Jesus, he was able to walk on water. The same God who made a way for Peter is the God we serve today.

To Matt Maher, Peter walking on the water “shows the possibilities of what happens when we keep our eyes fixed on love… what we thought was impossible is actually quite possible with the love of God.”

I really love what Bear Rinehart says as well,
We don’t even have to do it right, we just have to take the first step.”

Peter wasn’t perfect, but he was willing to take the first step.

What first steps can you take toward your own future? What classes or activities can you get involved in that will teach you valuable life skills? What job opportunities or mission trips are available? What relationships can you start building right now?

It can be scary when God calls us to the unknown, but all He asks is that we trust Him. It’s okay to make mistakes. There are going to be times we’re uncertain about the future. But, if we’re willing to take the first step, God will see us through.

There’s no turning back
Nothing in the past
My eyes on You again
Can’t see nothing at all
But Your outstretched arms
Help me believe it
Though I falter
You got me walking on water

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