“We are ever growing”


I say this time and time again, I become so humbled by the fact of how real people will get on the radio. They become so willing to share these deep, honest times of life just to encourage others. This is why I love testimonies and Your Story. This week was no different, and Sarah’s story was one that just caused me to just stop and listen. I honestly don’t know how to wrap her’s into a neat little box because it is one that the Lord is still working through.

That is probably why I loved talking with her so much. Her story is a reminder that our lives aren’t always going to fit in that cute little Christian box with the beautiful bow that we share with no issues. Many times it is a hot mess that is still being worked on and we are tossing the pieces still trying to see how God was able to show himself good in those moments. Life isn’t always pretty even though it seems like it on the outside. 

Sarah’s story was one that continued to hit me more and more and more as we continued to talk about it. Things started to connect in different ways the more that we talked about it. To even try and summarize was already a struggle on air, but I am going to try right now. She grew up in a Christian home that allowed her to have a good foundation, but it was through camp that she was able to have that consistency in her faith. However, in junior high that all changed when her dad’s pornography addiction came to light. Even though they weren’t close him as a constant in her life was gone. This allowed the enemy to lay lies in her life that she needed to second guess everything from the way that she talked to the way that she walked. However, through love and the grace of the Lord she was able to forgive and her dad is free from that sin and her parents are still married.

The biggest things that we kept coming back to that night were the insecurities she wrestled with because that is the thing that the enemy really used to try and tear her apart. The reason it sticks out to me probably has to do that it is something that I wrestle with constantly. Thinking about how I am not good enough; I am not qualified; and I am never going to amount to anything because of this, that, and the other. Talking with Sarah reminded me that this is something that many Christian’s deal with and I think it goes back to the idea of whether “God is enough”. It is easy to allow our uncertainty on what is going on in the minds of those around us to cause us to question everything about who we are. However, my focus should not be on the fear of man, but instead it should be focused on the fear of the Lord. When I do finally focus on the fact that God’s thoughts about me is enough that is when I do my best anything. That is when a more authentic form of Mojade comes out and I can actually see how God has been working in my life. That is when I finally see that I am good enough, qualified, and will amount to something because my job is to worship a God that is MORE than good enough and I can do that the way that I am.

I worship a God that will use my quirks and mistakes to do some awesome work for his glory, and that is a beautiful thing.

So, I want to end with the idea that we are ever growing. At times we are going to be content in who we are and where we are because we know that God looks at us with love and we don’t need to focus on those around us. Other times we are going to be so caught up on other’s thoughts about us. However, Sarah said a beautiful thing that I want you to hold onto, “This is who God created me to be”.

He created you to be unique and pretty dang spectacular, spend your days worshiping him through those unique qualities!

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