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Your Story with Mojade

There is something that happens within the studio when I record an episode of ‘Your Story’ with a guest each week. Something beautiful happens when you get to walk through somebody’s life and really see how God is weaving their story into His story. You, as the listener, get to join in on the adventure, but you are only getting a glimpse. You miss out on the deep thoughts and conversations that are provoked due to a question or comment made. You don’t get to see the passion or even the emotion that the guest is showing me as they take a walk through things they have not thought about in so long. Well, I don’t think that’s fair.  I want you to be able to get a better view of what actually goes down during Your Story. So, welcome to my after-the-show party. This will be the time where you get to hear more about my favorite parts and how God was working in them.


Kenton Durham’s Story

This week I got to spend about two hours with my good friend Kenton,  he started the year off with two heavy topics: same sex attraction and pornography.  That is what we tackled and man oh man what an encouragement it was to hear his story.

It is so obvious to see how the Lord was working through those two situations to bring healing in his life, and the lives of others that have heard his story. For those that go to Cedarville this is probably your second opportunity to hear about how the Lord worked in his life.  Just last year he stood up on stage during chapel and shared every little detail about how the God has transformed him. 

So, instead of attempting to share all of the good things that we talked about I think I am going to share a few things that stuck out to me during this conversation.

The first is your identity in Christ.  While listening to Kenton speak it is so easy to see that at first his identity was wrapped up in the world and what others said. However, God opened his eyes to the fact that it needed to be grounded in him. His lack of identity would be a part of the heart issue that caused the stumbling and troubles.  The moment that he surrounded himself with those that were seeking the Lord and encouraging him to do the same, was when it all changed.

I know for me personally allowing my identity to be planted firmly in the Lord can at times be the biggest struggle in life.  I mean, on one hand, you know being planted in Christ is the most stress free thing because he is constant, but then again you’re living in the world and you get so caught up in the world and what they have to say about you. So, while we may find it easy to make our sexuality, our identity, our struggles, or our past mistakes our identity, it is focusing on these things that makes life harder. Our identity needs to be grounded in God and only then do we truly get to find out who we are.

Kenton also shared about how community is so important. Not only did some pretty solid guys surround him, but he is now able to do the same for others. After sharing his testimony on campus he was able to meet up with people and help create a group where they are pushing each other to step out of that sin struggle and into the Father’s arms.  Community is so important for all Christians. God made each of us a social creature and God will use that to help us grow closer to him.  My push to you is to actually get help and surround yourself with honest people that will not allow you to run away. And with all of that being said, I just want to mention that it is totally fine to be there for your brothers and sisters struggling in this sin, all you need to do is mix love and honesty and you will be on your way to actually being helpful instead of hurtful.

Okay I still feel like I do not have even half of what was discussed, but you all can only read so much.  I am so excited to see what God is going to do within this show. I mean I have some pretty amazing people lined up and it is going to be such a great time of really learning what it means to have the Lord work Your Story into His Story.

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